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Reasons to Book Athens Boogie:


|| Athens Boogie is a dance team in the heart of Athens that was created in 2011 by Evie Akrivou and Anais Karkali, who decided then to introduce their friends to the vintage aesthetics and the dance they so loved. 


The term "Swing" is used widely today and includes many dance varieties such as Lindy Hop, Balboa, Boogie Woogie, East and West coast Swing, and made up the inspiration for other dances such as Jive, Rock n’Roll with topical differences in every musical genre. It means to move, to float, exactly because the music is joyous and rhythmic and is combined with the respective dance at the same time being suitable for all ages types.


Men and women dance together in pairs or on their own to the rhythms of that magical era. The team's aim is to promote dance and music of Rock n’Roll and Swing, by encapsulating the figures and the culture of the 20's up until the 50's. Athens Boogie organise events in several venues, streets and squares in the centre of Athens.


With their crazy rhythms and amazing dance moves, they can electrify the city with non-stop dance, always equipped with a good mood, carefully selected music from favoured DJs and many more surprises!