Reasons to The Burger Project:

|| The Burger Project can be described in a few words as a party band with a "twist". Disco anthems, punk rock classics, pop standards, even some well known songs from the greek repertoire compose their setlist. Songs that everyone pretty much knows are transformed in a delicate manner from these innovative entertainers. 

The title of their first CD, We live in Athens , resealed in 2009 , was a humorous political statement for their hometown. 
By using their tour de force, which is live performance, the band has conquered small clubs, big venues, festival stages all over Greece, building a wider audience without failing to accomplish their original mission. After three very successful tours in Germany, with three sold-out shows in Berlin as a highlight, gigs in Cyprus and Italy and also two ravishing club dates in London's Notting Hill Arts Club and Favela Chic, the band is always ready to bring their individuality and be the life of the party.