Jerome Kaluta


Reasons to Book Jerome Kaluta:

|| Jerome Kaluta, born and raised in Athens - Greece with a Congo heritage, is a unique artist! Both performer, songwriter and actor he combines his Afro-European music influences, with the genres of funk, soul, reggae & disco music, and merges them to his music production and performance, the infamous Urban Soul Experience. 

He has appeared in music halls and clubs, throughout Greece & Cyprus also hosting memorable nights for many private and corporate events.

​His musical project, dated from 2008, gathered great likeminded players who wanted to mix Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, R'n'B, Reggae, Latin and Afro with Jerome's soulful original songs and updated takes on stardards, in a single show.

This gave birth to the musical genre URBAN SOUL and gained a loyal local audience in Athens and Cyprus.

Influenced by icons like James Brown, John Legend, Compay Segunto, Ella Fitzerald, The Blues Brothers, Bill Withers, Ray Charles and many more alongside with Jerome's powerful and unique energy on stage the only this certain is that... YOU WILL MOVE!