Manouchedrome Trio


Reasons to Book Manouchedrome Trio:

||  Ideal for corporate and social events

|| Elegant presentation with attention to detail

|| Flexibility of formation with 3, 4 or 5 musicians

ManoucheDrome Trio were created in June 2014 and they are inspired by Django Reinhardt’s music. They have been playing jazz manouche since 2011, when they had their first experience with gypsy jazz music at Samois-Sur-Seine Django Festival, in France, where Django Reinhardt lived. The environment of Samois and the musicians they met were the main motivation to play gypsy jazz. 

ManoucheDrome Trio aim to approach this kind of music with their own way and try to make it popular to Greek audiences. Their repertoire includes the styles of bossa nova , bolero , waltz and swing. Also, their gigs are flavored with other musicians’ participations.