Reasons to Book Smooth Mood Project:

|| The result of this duo is balanced, expressive and full of energy 

|| Tasteful, experienced and versatile duet

|| Sound equipment is modern, contemporary and of high quality


Τheir project is based on pre-recorded backing tracks and the end result is not your usual live acoustic duet. The result is fuller more orchestrated with drums, bass, brass section, vocals and more.


A hybrid concept with the advantages of stage presence and the energy of a live performance with the sound quality of a DJ. This characteristic makes it ideal as a musical investment for any event.

Repertoire is mainly international with genres of jazz, latin, pop, soul, funk, r&b, disco, rock n roll. If a Greek repertoire is needed, Smooth Mood Project can cover a part of the program with greek swing, latin and disco as well as acoustic covers (piano-vocals) of songs from Greek cinema, retro style etc.

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