Xenia Gargali


Reasons to Book Xenia Gargali:

||  After the release of her album "Plasteline" that was characterised as greek jazz and after numerous nights of swing, jazz, retro, french, american blues and funk... after performing in meadows and mountains, lakes and islands, gardens and squares, Xenia puts together her abundance of anecdotal songs.  


Brand new but also older, never-released songs that Xenia has written along with Periklis Biskinis (based on lyrics of Metaxia Drogosi, Ariadne Lada, Anthi Mitropetrou, Theano Konstantou, Christina Massoura and Georgia Papadopoulou.) 


Side by side with all that she loves to listen to and sing, all that serves as an inspiration to her along with all that challenges and entertains her to produce beautiful covers.

Xenia Gargali, for those that have not yet been able to watch her perform live, has the gift of creating a colourful musical mosaic where the variety and its extensive range is proportionate to her vocal capabilities, her strong theatrical presence and her breath-taking performances.