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Dancing Shows

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Great Gatsby

Bringing vintage glamour into the 21st century, our Great Gatsby Show Girls dancers will take you back to the swinging era of glittering Jazz and the Charleston. Complete with authentic and spectacular costumes and choreography, the Great Gatsby themed dancers are sure to add an element of fun, elegance and sophistication to your event.

Cabaret Show

If you’re looking for a themed Cabaret Show to suit a specific audience, our cabaret dance crew comes in a diverse range of shapes and forms. With an array of shimmering (but decent) costumes, fantastic dance routine and high-energy soundtracks, our cabaret show is truly impressive to watch and offer a sensational live entertainment experience for guests to enjoy.

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Traditional Greek Dancers

Ready for a dose of tradition and amazing talent? This is exactly what these Traditional Greek Dancers have to offer. These talented folk performers are guaranteed to impress audience at your upcoming event with their dynamic and energy-filled Greek dance show. A stunning performance with male and female artists who encouraged guests to join in the dancing.

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Our dancers, dressed like Charlie Chaplin, will mesmerize the audience with their impressive appearance. Fancy leggings, eccentric blazers, black hats, crooks and rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels!


Our professional dancers will transform your event to a time traveling party back to the 70's. They will twist on the dance floor and will motivate your guests to start dancing immediately. Our fantastic disco dance performance will bring an authentic 70's experience to your event! The ideal entertainment for wedding parties, corporate events, private parties, festivals and much more.

Retro Sailors

A delightful vintage nautical theme, our dancing “Retro Sailors” are a charming, bright and energetic troupe that will bring the sound of the high seas to your next special occasion! Combining dancing, acrobatics and more, this crew delivers a whole host of charming performances that show off feats of strength, balance and poise.

Cotton Candy

Pink colors, girly appearance, cotton candy and lollipops: flashback to the childhood years and the good old days!


Liven up your Christmas party with our Christmas-themed dancers! Wearing gorgeous red dresses, our dancers will captivate audiences of all ages as they get everyone on the dance floor and ensure that everyone is feeling festive and merry.

Dance Battle

Athens Lindy Hop and Hood Groove, two groups of experienced dancers came together for the first time on the stage of TEDxAthens in 2017 to combine two dance styles that may seem to be at odds with each other while they actually have many things in common. Athens Lindy Hop is a group of artists that brought the Swing culture in Athens for the first time in 2008. Lindy hop is the original swing dance of the 1930s and 1940s that rose up in Harlem, New York. More distinctly, the group focuses on preserving the tradition and historical culture of this dance tailored to the modern lifestyle and using innovative ideas and diversity in Swing dance styles.

Flashmob Pride

Pride events are an important fixture for the LGBTQ+ community. They have inspired social change through acceptance, colour and energy. Thousands of people of all genders, sexualities, races and faiths come together every year and celebrate their sexuality.


This amazing dance show will captivate guests. Our playful professional dancers will bring a unique energy to your special occasion. Breathtaking dance acts and exceptional choreography are the two basic ingredients of this amazing show. Included in our fantastic dance act are a number of dance props so to fit most themes and style guidelines. A unique and high-energy show, performed by high-calibre dancers perfect for weddings, corporate events and special celebrations.

Digital Show

Dancing beyond ordinary by some of Greece's finest street & alternative dancers. Hyperlinks constitute an artistic group of renowned street dancers, with a years of dancing experience and numerous distinctions. Since its formation, the collective grew steadily and embraced further dancing styles such as the contemporary, dancehall, classic ballet and martial arts (harmony movement wise) among others; by combining the above, the collective manages to create unique dance projects. All Hyperlinks’ members have a rich history of participating in competitions, projects and performances.

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