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Special Acts

Drum Parade

Our drum parade is a percussion parade by a group of 8 up to 20 people. They present a mix of African rhythms and well-known musical genres (funk, samba, reggae etc.) and lead to an "explosive" and modern mix of rhythms, dance and culture.

Roaming Band

Our fully wireless, highly engaging roaming band combines the sound of a full-piece band whilst walking around your event! Playing songs that everyone loves through a wireless sound system, enables the band to deliver a seamless walkabout performance from start to finish. They offer an innovative take on popular songs from all decades dating back to the 1950s and can be scaled down to a duo with various combinations of singers, a singer/guitarist, saxophones, trombones and a drummer.

Brass Band

The Brass Band showcases the tonal richness of the brass instruments through covers of famous pieces from various genres and styles such as Disco/Funk/Pop.

Aerial Ring Show

Acrobatic skills, dance, flexibility and elegance, all put together in this outstanding aerial ring performance! This is a great show for any type of event and our dancer is about to take your breath away! The show can be tailored to fit your event perfectly with the option of having a solo acrobat performance or as a duo.

Fire Show

Our amazing fire artists have created and produced incredible shows that will amaze audiences at your event and will add the wow factor to any occasion. The shows can be custom designed and tailored for your event; choose from a solo, duo or larger line-up. Ideal for festivals, parties, parades, ceremonies & more.

Cyr Wheel Artist

Captivating acrobatic wheel act will amaze and delight guests of all ages. Manipulating a fast moving wheel while performing breathtaking tricks, our Cyr Wheel Artist is ideal for corporate events, private parties, and more.

Stilt Walkers

Our experienced and impressive stilt walkers will thrill your guests by striding confidently on two stilts. The shows can be custom designed and tailored for your event. Ideal for festivals, parties, themed events, corporate functions & more.


Our experienced and professional compère will bring a completely bespoke style to any event. He knows how to win audiences over with his wit and sense of humour and has the skills and the personality to make your event really sparkle!

Live Painting

Our artist has studied at The Athens School of Fine Arts in Athens. He graduated in 2015 with distinction. He is an active visual artist
and has participated in many art exhibitions. Also he has received many awards.

Welcome Girls

Our girls are the perfect act for welcoming your guests, as they steal the spotlight from the very first moment. Dressed in stunning attire, they set the perfect tone and immerse attendees in the unforgettable experience promised by the event's main acts.

Greek Roaming Band

The so-called "Patinada" is a type of serenade, a traditional way of playing romantic songs. It's a great act for weddings and it can also be used as a flashmob act. With their stunning musical skills, our musicians perform Greek traditional songs.

Traditional Dhol Players

Our Traditional Dhol Players create an extremely upbeat atmosphere for your special occasion with their mesmerizing and lively performance. They can kick off the entertainment at your event with their percussion, which is suitable for Baraat and bride and groom grand entrances.

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