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George Zervos

George Zervos

George Zervos is one of our favorite people in the new music life of Greece.
His boundless energy and electrifying performance will be setting off the fireworks through a dance show that will deliver the experience of a lifetime!


George Zervos has grown up in Kalymnos of 90's. He used to perform at the rock bars of the island, where you feel like you play in Tarantino's and Jarmusch's movies.
He arrived in Athens in 2008 and he became popular as the founding member of "The Swingin' Cats" counting numerous performances in Greece and abroad. He has collaborated with many greek and international artists.
As a solo performer, he has released the Debut Album “For your love”, and also two video-singles:
“Babe I like it” and the ballad “My life in her hands“.

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