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Party Band

Party Band

The Party Band is - without any doubt - the life of the party and they always stand out with their unique music style and their fancy costumes. Animal prints, 70's cabana jeans, vintage glasses and weird hats, make up for the most colorful and stylish band you’ve ever seen!

Reasons to book

  • Their charismatic live performances prove their passion and devotion to the ultimate goal… to make you party!

  • 5-piece band that transforms famous songs that everyone knows in their own unique and innovative way

  • 2-hour setlist which includes uplifting songs, punk rock classics, pop standards and even some well known songs from the Greek repertoire

  • They have 3 very successful tours in Germany, with 3 sold-out shows in Berlin, gigs in Cyprus and Italy, and also 2 ravishing club dates in London's Notting Hill Arts Club and Favela Chic

  • Have performed for SNFCC, Gazarte, Cosmote, Alpha Bank, Burger Festival, Technopoli

  • Ideal for wedding parties, corporate events, festivals

  • Available in Greece and abroad

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