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String Trio

String Trio

Α trio of strings - 3 women that combine their musical talent and take us on a musical journey back to the good old days. 3 professional musicians that share the same love for art and aesthetics.

Reasons to book

  • 2 violins and a cello meet and transform notes into music and ideas into sensations, combining musicality with expression and emotion with energy

  • A constantly evolving repertoire ranging from the era of the renowned classical composers to contemporary hits

  • Songs from soul music legends like Etta James, passionate Argentine tangos, nostalgic waltzes and beloved soundtracks of famous films

  • Provides a bespoke service, tailoring a package for each and every event, either it requires an ambient background music or a fun party with intense rhythm and late night dancing

  • Ideal for wedding ceremonies, special dinner/cocktail nights, corporate events and parties

  • Availability in Greece

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