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  • Christos Karampelas

A unique cultural experience in the heart of Athens!

Capturing a day of unforgettable moments, we teamed up with EZ GReece company and the creative genius, Vassia Mpirliraki, to bring a touch of Greek tradition to life. The streets of Athens came alive with the enchanting sounds of Greek music as a vibrant parade, designed as a surprise for Vassia's international guests, made its way to the heart of the city.

A stop was made at the Mitropoli of Athens and it was the time for a traditional treat! Dressed in our tailor-made traditional attire, our dancer greeted them with a generous platter of Greek tsipouro shots!

As the sun set, the journey continued to an exquisite venue, the historic Benizelos Mansion, also known as the House of Saint Philothei. The atmosphere was set by the melodic tones of bouzouki and guitar, welcoming the attendees with open arms. The magic escalated as a dynamic jazz band led by Myrto Naoum took the stage, blending the essence of Greek tradition with contemporary jazz, creating an eclectic symphony of sounds.

The day, a fusion of cultures and musical genres, painted memories that will forever linger in our hearts. An extraordinary chapter written in the book of unforgettable experiences, where the spirit of Greece and the harmony of music intertwined, reminding us of the power of unity and the beauty of shared moments.

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