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  • Christos Karampelas

Our music duets at the Golden Hall's Taste Garden!

In a unique collaboration with Golden Hall, one of Athens' largest shopping malls, we curated a series of performances at Taste Garden—a delightful space situated at the entrance of Golden Hall. Each year, this venue hosts kiosks offering delightful flavors and refreshing drinks to eager shoppers.

Our unique acoustic duets, Rosey and Konstantinos, and Eva and Alexis, took the stage at Taste Garden this summer, captivating both captivating audiences of all ages with their performances.

Set in a beautiful space right next to the Golden Hall entrance, the stage welcomed our musicians. Eva and Alexis' duet infused Taste Garden with a unique feel-good atmosphere. Eva, unwavering even in the heat of July, entranced the audience with her remarkable vocals and professional stage presence. Meanwhile, Alexis added to the enchantment with his skillful acoustic guitar.

Rosey and Konstantinos' duet, with a thoughtfully selected repertoire spanning pop, indie, soul, and rock, set the ideal tone for leisurely summer afternoons. Rosey, with her impressive presence and exceptional voice, combined seamlessly with Konstantinos' seamlessly harmonized with Konstantinos' captivating piano performance and vocals for a segment of the repertoire.

Guests, young and old alike, relished a delightful experience—whether wrapping up or embarking on their shopping adventures. They were spellbound by the musicians' performances, singing along and savoring the international repertoire.

This collaboration with Golden Hall was a wonderful partnership, bringing beautiful moments to people and leaving unforgettable memories!

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