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Tonis Sfinos

Tonis Sfinos commands the stage with his comedic style and manages to keep the audience engaged. His performances are explosive and always tailored to each sketch or song he presents with his fantastic band.

Reasons to book

  • Dynamic and energetic performer who entertains the audience with his humor and comedic expressions

  • 5-piece band with highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the music industry

  • 60s and 70s pop hits in a spectacular show. Sfinos also combines elements of folk and traditional Greek songs with contemporary touches and a humorous approach

  • Ideal for themed, corporate and private events, weddings, festivals

  • Optional dancing show

  • Available in Greece and worldwide

More about the band

Tonis Sfinos is an established Greek comedian and singer. He is known for his comedic performances and his participation in television shows and theatrical plays.

From a young age, Sfinos showed his talent in the entertainment industry. He started performing in comedy shows and later gained popularity through his participation in TV shows such as "Just the 2 of Us." He has also appeared in various theatrical productions, often in comedic roles.

Tonis Sfinos
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