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  • Christos Karampelas

Tailor-made entertainment for the Athenian Brewery's 60th anniversary!

Updated: Feb 15

We had an incredible time celebrating Athenian Brewery's 60th anniversary with our client, Savvy Partners! Our music band, The Swingin' Cats, with an extended brass section made this event truly unforgettable.

We dressed our musicians in our awesome tailor-made suits for an event where everyone came together for a spectacular result. Our team coordinated and organized the musicians, who had to dress up and make a surprise appearance, playing on the Athens Brewery stage, which was nothing more than a truck parked at the event.

In collaboration with our costume designer, we successfully outfitted our 14 musicians and the maestro in unique cream suits. For our frontman of the band, we ensured that the color of his attire matched the color of the beer, a nod to our client, the Athenian Brewery. Our elegant outfits added that extra touch of class to this tailor-made party.

The Big Band's unexpected appearance delighted the audience as they played on the Athens Brewery stage for 20 minutes.

Our musicians performed instrumental renditions of famous songs that had been featured in the brewery's commercials over the years. Our music arranger made a fantastic music piece that turned the music from the advertisements into soulful brass bliss.

Then the amazing George Zervos took to the stage and joined the Swingin' Cats for some memorable rocking performances, ensuring that the mood remained on a high note.

Towards the end of the set, our brass section returned to the stage and together played "Happy Birthday" in honor of the Brewery's anniversary, concluding the set with 3 more favorite songs.

The ds events team worked really hard behind the scenes to bring this event to life. We crafted a unique entertainment experience, tailoring custom music and ensuring the band's appearance perfectly aligned with the theme and our client’s brand. Our costume designer and production team collaborated seamlessly, leaving no detail overlooked.

A huge shoutout to our client Savvy Partners and the Athenian Brewery for entrusting us with this honor. Here’s to 60 years of legacy and many more to come!

Many thanks to our team:

George Zervos - executive director

Elia Samsonov - baritone sax

Christos Kalkanis - tenor sax, clarinet

Vasilis Defigos - tenor sax, flute

Nikas Spiros - alto sax

Ewangelis Hamryszczak - trombone

Dimitris Staridas - trombone

Vassilis Panagiotopoulos - trombone

Dimitris Papadopoulos - trumpet

Kostas Kefalas - trumpet

Konstantinos Saivanidis - trumpet

Aggelos Danias - electric guitar

Dimitris Kalonaros - drums

Stathis Paraskevopoulos - double bass

Giorgos Aimilianos Staurinos - maestro

Orestis Petrakis - keyboards

Dimitris Siampos - arranger

Dimitris Kyriakakis - sound engineering

Yiannis Tountas - recording and mixing

Daphne Stephanidi - management

Matina Mavragianni - garderobe

Eva Frentzou - production

Christos Karampelas - production

Konstantina Daouti - production assistant

Kuriakos Gkalanakis - video

Three Pixels Lab - video

Stamatis Gerochristodoulou - video

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